We are oh! so proud that our Co-Founder, Richard Cottrell, will be moderating the panel of “Advance Strategies for Traffic and Media Buying” as one of the top flight speakers this weekend at the famous European Summit Conference (www.theeuropeansummit.com) taking place in Sitges from 4th-7th March.

The European Summit is one of the leading networking conferences and expo for high volume digital products. The best professionals are coming together to discuss the latest trends and news from the online entertainment industry, spanning verticals such as gaming, dating, webcams, financial payment solutions, e-commerce, responsive designs for mobile and a series of other related topics. It promises to be a very entertaining event and a chance to socialize with some of the greatest in the field.

3 things we are expecting from this conference:

  • Creating a great opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals from across the globe and get to meet awesome new people that you wouldn’t probably get the chance to meet at other industry events.
  • Keep up with the latest trends in the industry. To be aware of what’s is going on in the online entertainment industries and be able to anticipate new trends and demands, and with these deliver a truly unique service to ensure our partners achieve their ROI and revenue objectives.
  • Spread the knowledge, as we will be actively participating in the panels of this event and exposing the best strategies for traffic media buying and getting involved in thought-provoking discussions with other experts. And of course we want to offer attendees the opportunity to know more about our platform, tools, targeting and optimization technologies and our exciting portfolio of premium direct publishers.

Pachads is always tuned in with the latest trends and technologies to develop excellent results for our partners and deliver relevant ads with the right audience match for their traffic without short-falling on security and quality. You can meet three of our exclusive team mates to discussed how to improve your advertising and monetization goals. Want to meet? Book one of the last minute slots available by writing to us at meetus@pachads.com. We look forward to seeing you there!